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Artist’s Statement

At a recent social gathering a philosophy professor asked me, “what is art?”   I gave him a concise answer, something like:  “Art is conveying beauty well.   The work of art in its unique style and interpretation becomes an almost living entity hoping to find a recipient who is touched and will want to buy it.”  It's a faith-requiring lifestyle; a spiritual quest. 

For over 40 years I have enjoyed producing art in two and three dimensions.  I work to awaken positive imagination through realism, symbolism and impressionism.  Experimentation in different mediums and processes is as fulfilling as the finished works.  Combining these efforts with "the art of living" enables me to live in a wonderful present.  “Look at this day as a gift”’ my wife said on our morning walk.  I am favored.

Art flourishes best when one chooses positive attitudes.  Seek contentment and thankfulness.  Enjoy diversity,  Celebrate the sensations you are given responsibly but color outside the lines when you can.  Try something new, (I mowed the lawn today in a wavy pattern).  Listen to and affirm underdogs.  Support developing artists.  Buy a piece of their art and make their day! Maintain quality relationships.  Be kind.  Have fun!

Look for humor and share it. Take in joy, beauty, profoundness, simplicity, the order, the randomness, the jaw-dropping, mouth-opening awe!    Eat dessert first, not original with me but a great practice. There is nothing new under the sun so don’t try to invent it.  Lay out a path, follow it, venture off the path, get lost, get found.  Finish the journey.  Take a friend along. 

This art of living… I like it. 


  Artist's Bio

    Ralph Trethewey



Ralph was born in 1953 in Globe Arizona.   Living in California’s Mojave Desert ‘til age ten he loved its lizards and the Desert Tortoise.  The family then moved to Salt Lake City where Utah’s Wasatch Mountains and wildlife inspired his early sculptures.

His formal training occured in 1972-'73 at the University of Utah under sculptor Angelo Caravaglia.  Angelo’s affirmation prompted him to produce art-forms drawn from a range of experiences and interests.  Seeing this gift as God-given he works independently, always learning and evolving with the joy of discovery.

In addition to original works and 47 limited editions he has done commissions for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife and National Park Services. These include Hawaii’s extinct and endangered Honeycreepers, Bald Eagles for Alaska, a Whooping Crane for Aransas National Wildlife Refuge in Texas and the endangered birds of Guam.

 His work is in select galleries, museums and the collections of Bev Doolittle, “Ripley’s Believe It or Not !”, Barbara Roberts, (former Governor of Oregon) and Hank Williams Jr.  Awards include “First Place”, “People’s Choice” and “Best in Show”.  His “Thinker”, a frog like Rodin’s Thinker is a public art sculpture in Walla Walla, Washington. 

 He is well known for the “World Record Antlers Series”, “Pecan Shell Antlers”, and “Vegetarian Antlers”.  A fascination with astronomy is conveyed in 2 and 3-D works of galaxies, comets and the intangible; (black holes, anti-matter). Landscapes, aerial photography and patterns in jasper and agate are interpreted in graphic works.

Blessed with an understanding and supportive wife, Susanne, he is grateful to live the artist’s dream, pursuing these mediums with a superfluity of ideas. 


Resume Available Here